Barna Centre

Barna Centre

Barcelona City Council supports Galeries MaldÓ

September 15th. 2010

Barna Centre has participated in the meeting between the ownership of the Galeries MaldÓ and the city of Barcelona. The objective of this meeting was to share the draft of this emblematic dynamic retail space located in the Gothic quarter of the city. This project aims to give continuity to the Barcelona business model, which pays particular attention to local shops.

Pallarols Roger stressed the importance of "joining efforts between the public and private sectors to achieve, in all areas of Barcelona, a rich business model, diverse and quality to ensure the commercial offer of citizenship requests."

This initiative between the City of Barcelona, Barna Centre and ownership of the Galerias Malda, is to promote and preserve the original commercial function that had the center and has been developing its inauguration des, 1942.

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