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Award Barcelona 15th year, the best shop in the world

June 21st. 2012

The City Council convened for the fifteenth consecutive year, the prize "Barcelona, ​​the best shop in the world" that aims to contribute to the improvement and promotion of entrepreneurship, trade, and a better understanding of the world trade in our city.

Until July 15 establishments that wish to apply for one of five forms of this award, consisting of a commemorative award for each specialty, may submit their nominations to the City Forum and Trade (C / Lagoon, 162). The rules and entry form can be downloaded from this page.

These awards were created in 1997 to assess the efforts carried out by the group of people belonging to the commercial sector and contribute to making Barcelona a dynamic, modern and competitive. They also represent recognition par excellence • a sector that, despite the current economic difficulties, and women continue to boost business model of urban proximity.

The winners will be announced next October in a ceremony that has become one that the Council pays tribute to the merchants who work either with their personal involvement or association, to encourage the development and empowerment of local commerce of our city, thereby placing it as a benchmark worldwide.

The awards consist of five modules:

• Award for best business initiative that has meant a significant contribution to the sector for example, the sales system, products, sites or location of the presentation of consumer services.

• Prize for the best initiative grouped for commercial revitalization of the city sponsored by a nonprofit entity associations and contribute to boosting trade area or a city street, a particular sector or set of trade in the city.

• Click the task of contributing to the promotion of trade and knowledge of the city recognizes that the merchant city that has had a long history of contribution, support or promotion of the sector.

• Award to the commercial establishment that recognizes those special areas that represent a distinctive image of trade the city either by its decoration, for the range of its product offerings, or the quality of their service consumers, among others.

• Press "Barcelona, ​​the best markets in the world" that calls for the third time the Municipal Market to recognize the efforts, contributions and commercial establishments and activities of associations of sellers markets in 2011 have had an impact the improvement of facilities. The information on this award can be found at / markets

In the five areas of the award will be valued and supported the work done by the adjustment of trade to the normalization of Catalan.

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