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Barna Centre

A l'Abril cada paraula val per mil

April 12th. 2016

With the aim of making visible the wealth of the Catalan language and to make known the origin of certain words, CNL Barcelona promotes the "A l'abril cada paraula val per mil" that will be in shops in Barcelona until 10 May. From our organization we support action from two streets in the area: carrer Comtal and carrer Avinyó.
The shops participating displayed posters from mid-April to May 10 with a rose and each word, explaining the etymology of a word related to the commercial sector of each store.
The exhibition of posters in shop windows is intended to disseminate the Catalan language in a playful way and related to the celebration of St. Jordi.

In June, exhibition

The exhibition will provide an overview on the various thematic areas covered and windows will also incorporate photographs of the establishments that have participated, witnesses and participants

Competition of short stories

In the short story contest we organized in Old Town, where there are shops characters, you can participate with a gift for two awards. If you want to collaborate, we just have to communicate by email or by calling 933 187 744.

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