Barna Centre

Barna Centre

250 Anniversary of the oldest chandlery of Barcelona

June 16th. 2011

The oldest Chandle Shop of Barcelona this year celebrates its 250th anniversary. You can visit this special shop in Bda de Lllibreteria 7, near plaša St Jaume, in the area of Barna Centre. The city want to congratulate them and share the recognition for the family SubirÓ who has adapted its business and at the same time, maintain the appearance and the exquisite decoration of the establishment since 1847.
Everybody knows Barcelona is a city that has always been closely linked to trade, but the area of Barna Centre in the Gothic Quarter meets the highest number of shops that cross the hundred years of history. These establishments have been actors and spectators of our history, combining tradition and modernity. We invite you to came to Barna Centre and walk through history and culture of Barcelona as well you can shopping in the modern and the most traditional shops.

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