Barna Centre

Barna Centre

June 25th. 2018

This June 6 we have presented with the Platform Affected by Top Manta and illegal street sales, a formal request to the City of Barcelona demanding the adoption of urgent measures since municipal passivity and permissiveness have provoked what is known as "called effect" and the number of people engaged in this illegal activity and occupying spaces and public roads has increased even more (virtually 2000 hauliers arrive today).

The signers of the requirement, from neighborhood associations to the entire Barcelona trade, have filed this joint complaint in the City of Barcelona to urgently demand an effective response.

After 2 years since the constitution of the Affected Platform against the Top Manta and illegal street sale (June 16, 2016) and numerous meetings with the City Council of Barcelona, ​​the Generalitat de Catalunya, General Security Corps The Government Delegation, People's Ombudsman, among other things, the signatory entities have presented figures on the impact of the proliferation of the submerged economy, which is destroying businesses and direct jobs, promotes crimes of counterfeiting and intellectual property, The safety of consumers is compromised, with products of uncertain safety, and is also creating an alteration in the mobility of flows in the city and an image of permissiveness in illegal activities in Barcelona.
On June 22 this petition was extended to all opposition parties of all the municipal groups, who are asked to join in to find solutions and at 12 o'clock there has been an appearance of the Mayor who has asked the government of Pedro Sánchez that Modify the law of foreigners and grant temporary work permits by keepers with the objective of leaving the street.

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