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The European Prize for Urban Public Space 2012

Ě Where? CCCB
Ě When? From November 8th. 2011 to January 19th. 2012

The Centre de Cultura ContemporÓnia de Barcelona (CCCB), the CitÚ de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine (Paris), The Architecture Foundation (London), the Nederlands Architectuurinstituut (Rotterdam), the Architekturzentrum Wien (Vienna), the Museum of Finnish Architecture (Helsinki) and the Deutsches Architekturmuseum (Frankfurt) announce the seventh European Prize for Urban Public Space, which will be awarded on 29 June 2012 in Barcelona.

The European Prize for Urban Public space, created in 2000, is a biannual event organized to recognise and encourage the creation, recovery and improvement of public space, seen as a clear indicator of the civic and collective health of our cities. With the emphasis on European integration, the Prize aspires to chart the major concerns of Europeĺs cities. To this end, the European Archive of Urban Public Space ( has selected 451 interventions in 295 European cities that have been submitted over the years and made them available for public consultation.

The seventh Prize will be presided over by the architect Josep LlinÓs, following on from Rafael Moneo (2010), Manuel de SolÓ-Morales (2008) and ElÝas Torres (2006).

The conditions of entry and all the information about open free registration are now available at

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