Barna Centre

Barna Centre

Street Retail Days 2019: Trade approaches the customer!

· When? December 16th. 2019

Barna Center has organized during the year 2019 six days of commerce on the street. They are very popular days that carry out different commercial axes that consist of the stores occupying the public space to be closer to the visitor, make themselves known to them and their products and establish festive days around trade. These activities give life to the common space and exemplify the importance of commerce for the daily life of a city, since it is difficult to imagine a street living without commerce.

Apart from generating the necessary agreements with the Administration for the celebration of these days, from Barna Center we reinforce these actions by putting dynamization elements that give support to the stops that the merchants take out. During 2019 we have made giant wooden games available to the public on the street, storytelling, music concerts, popular vermouths, giant dances, among other things.

These street trade outlets are opportunities to get closer to the potential client, to make ourselves known and to stimulate commercial activity. We have the means and the businesses contribute their ideas and creativity to generate a spectacular showcase that transcends the interior of the store.

We are waiting for you in future editions!

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