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Barna Centre

"Sigue los Rastros cómo si fueras miope". Art Jove al Santa Mònica

· Where? Art Santa Mònica
· When? From August 1st to October 2nd. 2016

The Young Art Gallery has established itself in recent years as one of 10 areas of reference for emerging art. Now a sample collected at Arts Santa Monica some of the most interesting projects born in the Hall of Young Art from 2006 to 2006. The exhibition will be free until early October.

"Follow the signs like shortsighted" presents a series of itineraries on some key aspects that have marked the past 10 years of contemporary art in Catalonia. The artistic projects are displayed in the exhibition have been produced and broadcast from the Chamber of Young Art.

Through a choral work, "Follow the signs like shortsighted" is structured around five research processes with which we are still traces of different aspects that have marked the art of recent years, such as is the question of production and the economy; speeches conceptual art and heritage; collaborative practice and called educational turn; artistic research; and transmedialitat.

The artists present in the exhibition are: Aggtelek, Veronica Aguilera, Caterina Almirall, Efren Alvarez, Isabel Barios Ibars, Joan Bennassar Star Boada, Llure Brucke, Miriam C. Head, Laura Cardona, Emma Casadevall, Abel Castillo, Petia Cervera Kuprova Paco Chanivet, Amanda Cuesta Mery Cuesta, Annegien van Doorn, Laia Estruch, Henry Farres Duran, Gloria Fernandez, Daniel Garcia, Miguel García, Rubén Grilo, Nuria Güell, Ariadna Guiteras, Antoni Hervas, Ciprian Homorodean Álvaro Icaza, Daniel Jacoby Fran Meana, Clara Miralles, Mariona Moncunill David Mutiloa, Marc Navarro, Daniela Ortiz, Quim Packard Sira Piza, Ignacio Prado, Joaquin Reyes, Esther Ribot, Antonia del Río, Ryan Rivadeneyra, Luca Rullo, Saladestar Mireia c. Saladrigues, Joan Hall, Ariadna Serrahima

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