Barna Centre

Barna Centre

Sardanes show (folk dancing) in fornt of the Cathedral

· Where? Pla de la Catedral
· When? From April 18th. 2010 to April 14th. 2011

Next April 18, 2010 the Cultural Association Folk Barcelona took charge of sardanas cycle every morning on Sundays and holidays, in the Pla de la Catedral de Barcelona, a paradigmatic showcase the city of Barcelona. A place in the city that already has a strong tradition about sardana, because until last February 2010 has hosted the dances from the middle of last century organized the Union of Groups Sardana, every holiday at noon.
The organizational tasks of this cycle of activities sardana emerges with the desire to lead the evolution of an activity to date has been set in stone and give it new incentives to encourage participation and paradigms occur as a popular festival | how it of the dances sardanas, open and participatory, not to mention the requirement and artistic rigor required for the activity and the stage where it grows.

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