Barna Centre

Barna Centre

Santa Eulàlia

· Where? Barcelona
· When? February 12th. 2010

As explained the legend, ran the fourth century when a girl was born in Barcelona named Eulàlia. Daughter of a wealthy family, whenever she could help those most in need. But times are hard: the Roman emperor Diocletian ordered the persecution of all Christians. Barcelona was forced into hiding, but Eulàlia don't shut up. She argued to the Roman consul that the emperor's decision was not fair. She was thirteen, and that act of bravery cost herself the imprisonment, torture and death.

In the seventeenth century, chose Barcelona as the new patron of the Mother of God of Mercè; Santa Eulàlia was overthrown and turned into co-patron.

Symbol of solidarity, the upholding of justice and commitment to youth, Eulàlia, together with the Mother of God of markets, the faithful protector of Barcelona. Since 1998, the hands of Xavier Jansana made this brave figure in Gegantona Laia, the best friend of the children of the city.
For many years, Santa Eulalia guarded Barcelona from the highest tower of the cathedral. She was the patroness of the city, its most beloved saint. For this reason it is also the patron of BARNA CENTRE.

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