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Barna Centre

Sant Jordi 2019 in the Ghotic Quarter!

· Where? Barri Gòtic
· When? April 23rd. 2019

Sant Jordi is undoubtedly the most important event in Catalonia. The Feast of the rose and the book has become the most important cultural and traditional day of the city of Barcelona and the commerce sector has an important function when it comes to dynamize this day. The Gothic Quarter is one of the most important areas during this day and is traditional that many people of the city and the surrounding area come for a walk and make their purchases of books and roses in our area.

To continue maintaining this level. Our stores distribute around 25,000 roses to their customers during the day of Sant Jordi, and the shops create dressers and decorations dedicated to the commemoration of the legend of the Knight Sant Jordi.

We have supported and have facilitated the administrative formalities to the shops so that they can have their San Jordi stops according to the regulations, and decorate their stores on the occasion of the festival. If any other year, want to put a stop Sant Jordi do not hesitate to contact us at our office during the month of February.

All this gives a value that every year is evidled by the influx of people who are amazed by the festive atmosphere. Visitors to the city that coincide that day are bearing an unmatched image of Catalonia which is then projected to the rest of the world, marveling at a festival that revolves around the book and culture, a symbol that differentiates us and gives This day a charisma difficult to match.

You can visit the Photo gallery on our website to see the pictures of this day.

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