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Barna Centre

Expo about Tintín for all the family

· Where? Museu d'Història de Catalunya, pl Pau Vila 3 (Ciutat Vella)
· When? From June 26th to August 29th. 2013

Tintin needs no introduction: cartoon character long life and fame, the intrepid reporter has traveled around the world accompanied by his faithful dog Snowy and the grumpy Captain Haddock.

But did you know that the Castle Mills Top Château de Cheverny is the Temple of the Sun Machu Picchu is hiding or the Emir Ben Kalish Ezab is the city of Petra in Jordan?

Calculus And that is exactly twice the inventor of the bathyscaphe, Auguste Piccard, the billionaire Carreidas is the aircraft manufacturer Dassault Marcel and Bianca Castafiore is inspired by the soprano Maria Callas?

Captain Haddock would say, "lightning lightning counter-rellamp rellamp!".

The author of Tintin, Hergé (pen name of Belgian Georges Remi) was created in 1929 and has made great adventures living among the emblems of their albums, and retailers always intense parallels with the reality of the moment .

It is precisely this search for what is true in the comics the goal of the exhibition that young Belgian reporter who had a white fox terrier, which can be seen at the Museum of the History of Catalonia until the end of September.

Through twenty-four albums of Tintin that Hergé made​​, you can see how the author documented extensively before each new creation. Pictures journal, postcards, frames, advertising, book illustrations and images were often point to acclimate their adventures.

And many more stories to discover among his Albums you will want to take them back to read, now with a different perspective

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