Barna Centre

Barna Centre

Christmas Promotion 2019

· When? From November 30th to December 31th. 2019

If there is an important time for the trade sector, this is the Christmas campaign, and for this reason, in Barna Centre there is the largest number of dynamization activities. During the year 2019 we made the famous Christmas Welcome party, aimed at families where a children's show is held that this time has been done in the Avenue Portal de L'àngel. 

We have hired days of dynamization in different areas of the Gothic quarter, consisting of storybooks, children's workshops, musical concerts, dances, popular vermouth, among others, which have been a success of influx. All these activities aimed at making them more special these days, imbuing people the spirit of Christmas.In addition, we have supported the trade in their respective publicity campaigns to invite people to make their Christmas shopping in our area, enhancing the differentiation, the local commerce and the specificity of the product of our space.

All these actions would not be possible without the participation throughout the year of our associates who are the reference of a trade with a desire to influence the space and the territory, making this commercial fabric a unique referent. We take this opportunity to wish our members a great Christmas campaign and a happy entry of the year.

In the photo gallery you can find images of this special day!

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