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· Where? Dissabte, 1 de març
· When? From February 21, to March 2,,2014

Saturday 1 March
The over thirty popular Carnival parades represent the highlight of the festivities in most Barcelona neighbourhoods. The Carnival King's Ambassadors will be visiting their old villages and taking part in one of the Carnival parades taking place in each of Barcelona's seven former villages.
Sunday 2 March, from 5 pm to 8 pm
Plaça Comercial and Passacaglia in the Ribera neighbourhood

An orange, confetti and balloon fight, this major Barcelona Carnival event takes place in the Ribera neighbourhood, the cradle of Barcelona's Carnival, and is something for the whole family to enjoy.
The event comes in 4 parts:

5 pm The Carnival Ball – The Carnival and Traditional, Popular Culture. Plaça Comercial
5:45 pm The Carnival King's Passacaglia. Route: La Ribera neighbourhood
6.40 pm La Taronjada. Plaça Comercial
6:45 pm The Carnival Party and Masked Ball. Plaça Comercial

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