July 25, 2018

From the 14th to the 18th of August in the Plaza Nueva, in the Gothic Quarter and next to the Cathedral, the oldest festival in the city of Barcelona will be celebrated: the Fiestas de San Roque. The Government of the Generalitat declared in 2017 our Fiestas de San Roque as Patrimony Festival of National Interest and the declaration has been inscribed in the catalog of the Festive Patrimony of Catalonia, since they preserve many traditions and unique festive elements in Barcelona that make them one of the the most unique celebrations in the city. We invite you to participate as a public in these Festivals that we support as trade since they are unique and a differential element of our territory. SUMMARY OF THE PROGRAM OF THE HOLIDAYS: ... Read more

 Festes de Sant Roc: from 14 to 18 d'Agost.
 Changes and Returns CURRENTS EVENTS Changes and Returns
July 25, 2018

Our clients are very important to us, but we often have doubts and questions about the obligations we have in front of ... Read more

 Subsidies for digitization and reform CURRENTS EVENTS Subsidies for digitization and reform
July 25, 2018

Grants can already be requested in the field of retail trade, services, crafts and fashion, promoted by the Generalitat ... Read more

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